Thursday, August 23, 2012

Don't say fall, okay?

I've pretty much always hated the summer, and looked forward to the fall with anxious anticipation, but here in Seattle it’s a different story. We had a week of 90-degree weather and yes, it was a bit too warm, but as soon as it shifted back into 60 and cloudy, oh no -- I got right into that Seattle mode of worrying please, please not fall yet – there must be more summer, more summer, right?

I guess I planned pretty well for Seattle summer, not directly but before I moved to Santa Fe I decided that, for the first time in over 15 years, I would wear shorts, shorts and tank tops and sandals, actually, and that was so so helpful in that desert sun where even on a 65-degree day it kind of burns right through you. And now that I live in Seattle, I've turned into one of the people who throws off all my clothes to lie in the sun in my boxers at a moment’s notice, even if it's not really sunny, just to try, to try to get a little bit of sun and it's funny because I don't think I've been this tan since I lived for a summer on the beach in 2000, I mean I always try to get a little bit of color on my skin, vitamin D, but I've also been paranoid about ever exposing myself before 2 pm, and no one has seemed to notice my subtle glow, or perhaps they notice the glow but don't realize it’s the sun, right? But now, people keep saying oh, you're tan!

So I guess I'm tan, in Seattle, and it is impressive how much we all love the sun here, while living in the dark, but no, not the dark, let's not talk about the dark yet – first, more sun, please more sun, although I will say that the cooler air that's blowing in is softer and fresher, don't say fall air though, okay, not fall just fresh. Not dark, just light, and yes, now I'm one of those people who goes outside in shorts and a tank top when it's really perhaps a bit too chilly, although I've always gotten overheated way too easily so perhaps it's not a surprise that now that I crossed that border and decided to wear shorts I really don't want to wear anything else, at least not for a little while, okay?


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