Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hugging the speakers

I can't believe that actually works, and then we start walking up the stairs but wait, Abby, do you hear that beat, Abby, listen — Abby yes it’s “Witch Doktor,” yes—and I'm giving everything yes everything on that first floor dance floor, empty, it's empty just for us the whole floor is our runway I'm flying through the air and just when I think it couldn’t possibly get better Richie throws in that laugh track song so it's the shriek drumroll from “Witch Doktor” with oh ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha oh ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha and then there’s my shrieking too and I love this dress for dancing even though it flies up when I do the kick and then I'm shaking my head back and forth then screaming and staring at Richie while pointing my finger – you, yes you. And she’s pointing her finger at me and then Abby pulls my hand oh, I guess she wants to go upstairs — by, Richie!

This is a long staircase, and when we get to the top oh I jump right onto the dance floor and Abby heads for the bathroom. There’s Billy with her new platforms that don't taper at the bottom so she's having a hard time balancing, sucking on a lollipop while attempting to throw in some kicks– she holds out her arms: Fierce, she says, your hair looks fierce! Fierce!

You look fierce, I say. I'm not sure if I really mean it, but I know she's trying and that's what counts. Then I look over at the side and there’s Sean in her overcoat, she comes over and says I thought you weren't going to make it.

I made it!

Then we’re all on the dance floor, Sean rarely gets on the dance floor so I know she's wired and these beats yes these beats and the way I can just look at that person over there and suddenly it's like we're the same body oh and his eyes yes his eyes yes and my head rolling back twirl around stumble into flip almost in the floor but still my feat yes that guy’s feet our feet and turn, the lasers, when did they get blue and purple and green too shooting past my face and my head side to side, in and out, I'm in the lasers and there’s Billy yelling fierce and Sean bouncing a bit, turn again pull in my breath and up to my arms swaying and now I'm so close to this guy I don't know I can feel his breath, turn, back around, he's kind of cute, the best part is that move with the hips and the bounce and I move my moves into the space between his eyes and the beat and maybe he can join us afterwards, maybe we can drive over the Mass Ave. bridge for the sunrise, holding hands in the back seat oh the light yes these lights there's purple in this red, turn, Billy’s really kicking now Sean’s on the sidelines and Abby stumbles over and I do that almost-falling thing towards the queen next to me who holds up her arms like help, dive down and Abby’s waving me over so I twirl off the dance floor still dancing even though Abby’s still, eyes almost closed, leaning against the wall for support, wonder what happened in that bathroom and she's saying something to me, what did you say?

Mattilda, I love you. Oh. I love you!

And I know it's the ecstasy so I close my eyes to feel it but also I know it's love so I open my eyes to look more closely, Abby’s curly hair kind of reddish in this light and she reaches over her hand and I kiss it, keep dancing a little with the hips into feet and Sean looks over with big eyes and says: Traci Lords was here.

Traci Lords? The porn star? Yes, Sean says, Traci Lords is fierce.

And how did Billy get over here, now she's taller than all of us, yelling fierce! Fierce! And: Sean put Traci Lords in a k-hole.

And there’s her song, maybe that's what they're talking about – 1000 screaming faggots, 1000 screaming faggots! Even Sean can't help but dance to that one, the whole crowd is going wild and Billy’s working that patent leather tank top and lycra bike shorts and the lasers are blasting past our heads and Juniper and Sage are hugging the speakers in their bossiest wedding cake sneaker platforms, I hope they don't lose their hearing but all of us, all of us are hugging the speakers and oh no, the music’s ending.

What, I say, what's going on? I'm just getting started. Billy says Mattilda, you got here late. After-hours at our house! Billy starts giggling and jumping up and down: Mattilda, you’re doing that thing with your lips. What thing with my lips?

And then we're both laughing and I lean my head back and let my eyes go somewhere else and Billy's holding my hand and I already hear Sean telling everyone after-hours at Mattilda and Abby’s, after-hours at Mattilda and Abby’s and oh, I want to invite that boy, where’s that boy I was dancing with and Sean says which one, oh, I can't find him, and where’s my sweater?

Oh, downstairs. I left it downstairs. Thank you so much, I say to the guys at the front who almost didn't let us in. Sean asks them if they want a bump. Sean, don't say that!

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