Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mass hysteria

Inside it’s yes, oh yes, I love this light flickering my eyes up into my head and Abby, do we need anything? Abby gets a blow pop, it's already in her mouth so we don't need to pay for it but I get tabouli and hummous and pita bread for later. Andrea is shining up above and we throw the food in the car and step into the Prudential Center to levitate up the escalators, yes we've got the camera and Abby jumps up on the booth or not booth, what do you call this, a cart I guess a cart that sells something when it opens but right now there's just a sign that says WATCH OUT, maybe that's the name of this cart maybe that's my name but right now Abby’s up there, ready to ride but

Abby, what are you watching out for? You, bitch. Me? Yes, you. Bitch.

Abby's eyes light up every time she says bitch and then I say look, look at me and then she pushes the sunglasses down and we’re looking at each other and yes, there’s MASS HYSTERIA, just behind Abby's head – that's my picture. But wait— all the candy in clear bins, different shapes and sizes of blue, green, aqua, cobalt, fluorescent pink, silver, gold, bronze, orange, white, off-white, beige, squishy gooey purple, chocolate, is chocolate a color? Texture: licorice bits, salt water taffy, fudge, banana chips, gross, banana chips and look, gum drops in all different sizes and sour balls, ouch, I do like sour balls and yes, let's get a picture together. Now, get one of me. Wait – candy, let's get candy!

We're back at Star Market and I could stare at the colors all night long, but what should we get? I don't even eat candy really, or I try not to but I love the colors, Abby what should we get, there's so much to choose from, let's just grab a few bags, maybe lemon drops and Lifesavers and what else? And oh — orange juice, let's get orange juice, vitamin C will bring back the colors, let's get the huge one with the pulp, that's fresher, do you like the pulp, and oh, what time is it? Almost 4:30. I don’t like the pulp.

We better get to the Loft. I'll get the one without the pulp. Are you sure?

We go outside and Andrea, there's Andrea! Oh, I love her from this angle, so sharp and elegant and sly, are you sure we should go? Abby holds my hand and this time I'm looking at her eyes through the sunglasses, blue lenses, your eyes are so blue. Your hands are cold, she says. Yes, I say, yes. We glide in the spaceship down a deserted Boylston, but it's so late the door guy at the Loft doesn't want to let us in -- everyone's expecting us, I say. You have to let us in.

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