Thursday, August 16, 2012

The green one

We get outside and it's almost light out, but what's going on? Juniper and Sage are working their platforms up and down the lot, music blasting from their car, that’s the kick that Billy’s trying to work and I didn't even see them inside, no wait I saw them hugging the speakers but how did they get outside and what is this music, this music is amazing it's like the dance floor out here in the parking lot our own parking lot the yellow lights and Andrea, yellow now too, or yellow and white and black and yes, the headlights of the car you ruminating our runway and I'll try that kick too, now walk, give it, shake your hips and live it, and then the music stops and Lisa gets out of the car jingling her keys.

What song was that, I say. Debbie Gibson’s new song, Sage says. No, really. Really. Who mixed it? Juniper – it's his first song.

I love it— we’re having after-hours at our house, do you want to come over?

But they have to go home, Lisa’s driving and she’s not high. Billy says they're going home to fuck, and she looks me in the eyes like she just said something naughty. All of them? No, Mattilda, Juniper and Sage.

Is it starting to get light or is it just my eyes, Sean says Richie and Michael are coming—I give him my keys: Can we go over the Mass Ave Bridge first? Mattilda, Sean says, not the Mass Ave. Bridge. Please.

So then we’ve got a caravan: Richie and Michael just behind us, Lana del Monte behind them, and maybe another few cars. Okay, maybe not The Mass Ave. Bridge this time, I'll just look at the lights on our way home and then maybe we can much the sunset.

Sunrise, Billy giggles. That's right, I say, sunrise. Abby’s snorting something – what's that, I say. K. Billy giggles again. Abby hands me the vial and I don't know if I'm ready yet, well, okay, maybe just a little oh yes this seat is so comfortable and why don’t we have any music, oh, here goes the car, yes, this is so much fun and Billy’s giggling in the backseat: what's all this stuff back here?

Oh, yes, I say, yes, we have refreshments, help yourself to refreshments. Everything’s blowing and flowing by and I love the stoplights especially green yes I love the green but oh, red, red’s kind of nice too but what about yellow, no yellow and then we’re at our house and no one’s lost, kind of a miracle. Richie and Michael are with some blonde woman – that's Traci Lords, Sean says, Traci Lords is in a K-hole.

Then there’s Elana with Jon B, and I don't know the rest of the people but we all make our way upstairs and I put all the candy out in the living room in bowls, bring out the orange juice with glasses. Richie’s looking around – how many people live here? Too many, I say, but there's a lot of space. Richie says is it expensive? No, I say, we all pay less than $200. No way, Richie says, you are fierce. And I realize he's looking at Bobby who's coming downstairs with Brian, I guess it's time to drive him to work, and Richie says Champagne!

And Billy says Richie, oh Miss One it’s so good to see you!

Champagne lives here too, Richie asks, and Bobby giggles like they’re best friends and Champagne is her favorite pet name. She doesn't even realize Richie is reading her.

Orange juice, I ask, and pull out a glass. No, Miss One, I've got to get to work.

Work, Abby mumbles.

Work, Billy shrieks.

Champagne doesn't work – I guess she means she needs to get Brian to work, perfect timing.

Michael puts a tape in the boombox and no way, 10,000 screaming faggots, right in our living room and everyone's saying it – really, 10,000, really? Sean says it's 1000 — honey, keep counting. And I go to the bathroom to take a shower oh yes this is what I needed yes the rain the beach the sunrise the feeling in my skin this is my skin yes my skin but then I feel a tiny bit of sadness behind my eyes and I get scared: not yet, please not yet. Maybe I should get out of the shower, how long have I been in the air? I picked out the green chenille sweater because it's so soft, burgundy on underneath so it shines through all the worn parts in the sweater I love this sweater and yes, my hair looks amazing so fresh but I can't be crashing yet, can I? Back in my room I remember I have two more hits of X, I bought three because it's the good stuff, should I take another one now? I can't decide. Maybe I should have some candy. I go in the kitchen and stare at the colors in the bowl – do I eat candy? Lifesavers – oh, this is good, green, I like the green one.

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