Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This time with a job

Speaking of abusive fathers, at least he didn't scream at me when I told him I was leaving school, all he said was that he and my mother wouldn't be able to support me anymore. Like I didn't know that already. Then he asked me if I wanted to go to therapy. Of course — therapy will solve everything, right?

Actually, I do want to go to therapy to get ready to confront him about sexually abusing me, so I told him I would think about it. At least he didn't ask for the car back – not that they would have any use for this 1981 piece of junk that's going to break down at any moment, but it certainly is useful for getting home after the T stops running. And honey, the T stops running at midnight – it's like Boston really want to sponsor drunk driving, or something.

I'm probably going to take an escort ad out soon, but I figured this time I'll do it with a job, so I'm not so dependent on turning tricks, right? Yes, I've got my pager already — with a clear purple case so you can see the insides. It was the cheapest one. And, the good thing about telemarketing is that you can look however you want — that's why all my first jobs were phone canvassing, kind of different I guess because with canvassing you're just convincing people to give money to a nonprofit that doesn't really do anything, but at least they're actually giving money to that nonprofit, not just 10 cents and then the rest goes to whatever horrible bank I'm really working for. The only thing that makes me think it's kind of okay is that people can choose to use a credit card or not, right? Just run it up, honey, and then run, okay?

And, you can’t beat the hours — 5:30 to 9:30, Monday through Friday, that’s club kid realness. And at least I get to talk about drugs with bisexual Sheri in the smoking lounge — it’s not the worst job in the world. She wants me to have sex with her boyfriend, but I'm not convinced. I've been at this lovely job for three weeks already, and since my rent is so cheap it actually pays the bills. Not that I don't need three more jobs to pay for party favors, right? For now I have savings — I've always been good at saving. Soon I'll take out an ad, and get back to counting $20 bills.

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