Sunday, August 05, 2012


It's hard to write much about Seattle in 2012 when I spend so much time thinking about Boston in 1995, right? But, there's a lot to write about Seattle too, so I think I'll at least tried to throw in some hints to remind myself. Like last night at Steamworks, and on my way I always think to myself what is the one thing I want the most, this time it's to make out with someone I actually think it's really hot, and not just hot in the moment or not hot at all but maybe okay, and then that actually happens, the one tattooed guy giving a bit of fashion subcultural realness I guess and then making out is great actually, sucking cock too and all these guys coming up which I can tell is what he likes, what I like too usually, but not these guys, let me tell you, then he wants to go for a walk but I keep hugging since everything goes in a circle I mean a square we keep running into one another but then I realize it's over and will there ever be a time when people don't feel the need to grab your dick before anything else, probably not, maybe I should leave, I got what I was looking for anyway but of course I stay although the good part is I start my dancing runway, strange comments out of nowhere to whoever walk by, of course no one will speak to me, the ones who wanted me before no longer do except one guy does pause to say nice move, it was a nice move I will say, my specialty fly in the air then to the floor and twist around and the best part is I'm reminding myself of these specifics to include in Sketchtasy, the Boston novel, and then I see the original guy sprawled out on that gymnastics force or whatever it is, ass up in the air waiting for whomever, I keep walking, then I'm back and whomever has arrived, I can't decide if it's hot but I stand in the front so he can suck my dick anyway, not a good angle but then I stand up onto the gymnastics whatever it is, come too fast and then I'm walking around again, kind of sad maybe, need to dance more to bring back the beauty, the beauty that these girls can’t stand, there is the one who's always here who I had sex with once yes he chased me and it was hot but he won't even acknowledge me but it doesn't matter, I have that feeling in my body from the music and whatever else that is never but somehow still here, and then when I leave I feel better, it's not so late, still warm outside because summer arrived yesterday, yes August 4 summer arrived in Seattle and I'm thinking about a little girl in the park who stood under one of those big evergreen trees and said it's so green it's unimaginable.

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