Sunday, September 09, 2012

What will happen next

            Eric is on the phone, asking me about Critical Resistance, how was Critical Resistance? What do you mean — did I go to Critical Resistance? Oh, you mean the protest at Juvenile Hall — the people who organized that aren’t officially part of Critical Resistance, although they were talking about forming a chapter but there was something about the abolition politics of Critical Resistance that wasn’t the same as their own, I can't remember exactly how, but I could find out more about that.

            It's kind of strange that Eric is asking me about a protest that took place several months ago, but then it starts to get noisy in my apartment — hold on a second, I think there's a protest outside. Maybe the Student Debt Noise Brigade, that goes by every Wednesday — but wait, it's not Wednesday, what day is it?

            I lean my head out the window, but I can't see anything, so then I go downstairs and I'm still talking to Eric until I notice I forgot the phone, and that's when I realize that I'm sleeping, which is great, because I was trying to fall back asleep, so then when I go back inside of course I go into a different house, I wonder if I ever have a dream when I go back into the same house, but anyway in this house, which is the same house in the dream even though we’re in a different city in some garage-type space whereas before I was in my actual apartment in Seattle, talking on the phone without the phone, but anyway in this new house Laurie has just returned from a trip and she's exhausted, lying down in the garage and I look up at the TV, images of her in all different positions of discomfort, how was your trip?

            Oh, I know — I can understand, yes, of course, exhausting. And somehow that's when I wake up, a little later than I wanted but not too much later but the strangest part is that once I'm awake I have all this energy, strange because my sleep was so interrupted and of course I'm worried all this energy will fall away as soon as I eat, but then I eat and I still have energy, time for my morning walk and I wonder what will happen next.


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