Monday, October 01, 2012

Convenient for cocktails

Abby says she wants to make a roommate flyer and it turns out great, she even draws the two of us at the bottom, with the Boston skyline — honey, you should make comics. Okay, trick number three. I'm not counting Michael, the one in Roslindale, who called me again, or that mess at Jacque’s, just the ones from my ad in the Phoenix, which is pretty expensive, but since there aren’t many boys advertising in Boston I realize I can charge 150 instead of 100. Anyway, trick number three is in Cambridge again — I thought I would be spending a lot of time in the South End, but I guess it's all about Cambridge. This guy wants me to fuck him with a dildo and that’s definitely easier than staying hard in a condom, which is what we try first. And honey, this dildo is huge. I can't believe how much of it he can take and then of course he starts with the porn talk, someone should ban that shit, although it's pretty funny the way he keeps saying yeah, fuck me with that big black cock, fuck me with that black horsemeat, fuck me with that black monster donkey dick— I guess it's better than subjecting an actual black person to his racist shit. After a while, the fucking starts to hurt my hand, and there's no end in sight but when I tell him we’re getting close to an hour, boom just like that he shoots all over my hand.

Aaron comes up for a visit, and the first thing he says is that he's leaving Brown at the end of the year, moving to San Francisco —congratulations, I say, although I can't help wondering if she's copying me. Doesn't really matter, I guess — just get the fuck away, before it’s too late. It's Monday night so we all get ready for Quest, and I'm a little worried she's going to be intimidated about how drugged-out everyone is, but actually I think she kind of loves it. Especially Miss Greenback, 6 foot six plus heels, in her green bikini modeling the sagging center, grinding her teeth because of all the coke she’s done for the last 20 years. And I do mean 20 years. The rest of us carry around little vials, but Miss Greenback carries hers around in something that looks like a test tube.

On the second night, Aaron tells me he kind of has a crush on Abby, and is that okay, and I kind of wonder why she's asking me, but then I realize it's starting to seem like Abby and I are a couple. I mean, we get dressed up together, we go out together, we get high together, we get strung out together, we rant together, sometimes we even lie down on the sofa together when we’re falling apart, but it's not a sexual thing, although then when she and Aaron end up sleeping together I kind of start to wonder why.

Trick number four: the Four Seasons, I grab a crystal from one of the chandeliers. I think I'm going to start a collection. Number five: just down the street at the Copley Plaza, another crystal. Number six: finally in the South End, I mean not finally like I want to be there, although it is convenient for cocktails, especially since it's Friday night and I'm kind of rolling in it so I call the house and we all meet at the Eagle, cocktails on me.

Number seven: this one's actually hot, a student at Northeastern, no not Northeastern but the technical school that I hadn't heard of before, what was it called again? WIT — that's right, Wentworth Institute of Technology, that's about as witty as it can get. He says he’s straight, doesn't want to make out, and is $40 okay? $40, are you kidding? That's all I have, he says.

Okay, don't tell anyone, but I take the $40. He comes too fast – honey, you'll never hear me saying that again. I go to the Fens.


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