Monday, October 15, 2012

Final edits, oh my…

Suddenly I'm doing final edits on The End of San Francisco, and oh my it's an all-encompassing process! So draining for my body and mind, but also invigorating – here I thought I was done, but now I'm rearranging all these parts, my editor has suggested extensive revisions in certain places but her ideas are good, it's a challenge but a challenge that I think will make the book better. She suggested a new chapter break in a certain place, but now I'm looking at that section and thinking wait, most of this could go. I could move the few necessary parts about San Francisco to the next chapter, and the few necessary parts about Boston to the chapter after. It's too much work for my hands in such a short time – I wish I had a month, but the publishing industry doesn't work that way. I only have a few weeks at most.

And then I'm also thinking about getting back to working on the new novel, Sketchtasy, since now that seems distant, what was it again? Yes, editing The End of San Francisco is definitely taking all my energy, but that's okay. In two weeks I'm sure it will be sparkling, and hopefully I won't be into much more pain. Then I can get back to that other voice, the one I'm channeling for and from Boston in 1995, which sounds much more relaxing.


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