Friday, November 09, 2012


I was on such a roll with my new novel, Sketchtasy, but then I had to take a break to focus on final edits for The End of San Francisco. And then, starting to organize the book tour for The End of San Francisco. Now I need to get back to writing Sketchtasy, but I'm finding it hard to start again. I will start, within the next few days, I'm pretty sure of that, but it’s tricky. A few days ago, I looked at some of the most recent parts, and I was looking at it through such a different lens – the lens of editing a 15th draft, like with The End of San Francisco. That's not the lens I need with Sketchtasy yet. First I need to do all the writing!

So I need to get back to that place where it just rolls through me, I wake up thinking about it, I'm plotting out all the turns in my head, thinking about different directions, which way will it go? Getting right into that moment those moments of 1995 in Boston and just letting it flow, grow, build into the world I’m conjuring. Soon.

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