Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A brick

I know what you're thinking: East Boston, where the hell is that? Honey, it's right by the airport. In fact, if you walk down our street a while you can actually get right next to the runways. No, honey – not that kind of runway: there’s a fence around it.

But we’re just a few blocks from Maverick Square on the Blue Line so it's only a few minutes to glorious Government Center and really it's not actually far from everything except for that tunnel, yes that tunnel does make it seem like another world. Unfortunately, you can only call one cab company, and they take forever. We'll see what happens when my car breaks down.

            Maverick Square is kind of cute in an old town sort of way, even though they have a Store 24 that closes at Midnight. We go down there to do laundry, which is kind of a hassle but then we get to walk around the square and look at all the cop cars, why are there always so many cop cars? I get an idea, so I start taking photos of all the cop cars, and after I get the photos back I go to Kinko's and print out “IF ONLY THE CAMERA WERE A BRICK,” white on black with my mesmerizing QuarkXPress skills, cut-and-paste and then I want to do a little wheatpasting adventure but Sean and Abby are scared.

            Actually, it's funny how hard it is to get Sean to come down here, with all her talking about how much she loves the Blue Line now it's nothing but shade shade shade. But anyway, finally I get them to agree to look out while I tape the posters to the cop cars, and that's kind of fun. Not as fun as wheatpasting, but still.

Did I mention it's hot out now, disgustingly hot but I'm trying to get rid of my acne so I figure I need to sit out in the sun a little bit every day, so I put fresh lemon juice on my face even though it burns and then walk down to the new park with too-fresh grass by the water. It's kind of nice, and there's never anyone there, maybe because of that horrible rotting fish smell, but that's kind of going away now. I guess there's going to be a water taxi, which sounds kind of strange because who would want to take a water taxi to East Boston?

Anyway, when I get home I put fresh cucumber on my face and that feels cooling for a moment. But it doesn't seem to matter whether we keep the windows open or close, it's hot as hell in the apartment no matter what, except sometimes at night. It does cool down more at night here than in DC, or it did cool down for a while, but now I'm not sure.


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