Sunday, December 30, 2012

Waiting until the water washes away

Oh, but I didn't tell you about our new friends in the neighborhood who follow us around. We’ll leave the house and hear: It's the gays! And then all these kids will show up —I mean little kids, the ringleader can't be much older than 10. Of course she’s a tomboy, and I want to say look in the mirror, honey but instead I just smile and wave. So then she comes right up to us with her greasy face and says yuck, gays, you're going to burn in hell.

And then this whole group of kids follows us almost all the way to Maverick Square, carrying sticks like we're going to be scared and I just make sure to always smile the whole time like this is the most hilarious and joyful thing I've ever experienced but lately it seems like Abby can't bring herself to leave the house without a bump of coke and I hope these kids aren't the reason.

Speaking of addiction drama, JoAnne’s back at her mother's house, trying to kick, and it's awful. I tell her she needs vitamins, but she says she doesn't have any money, and her mother won't buy her any. So I go over to Bread & Circus and borrow the largest container of Rainbow Light multivitamins, a bunch of Emergen-C packets, B-complex, digestive enzymes, and a few other things that look like they might be helpful, from reading the labels, even though I don't know exactly what they are. And then a 36-ounce container of Bragg’s liquid amino acids, since JoAnne loves those liquid amino acids. And then when I'm walking out the door after spending $35 but I have probably $150 of supplements in my bag, that's when I get that rush like yes, I love Boston, and just when I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to get to the post office I realize there's a UPS right across the street, so I throw everything in a box with a couple metallic bows they have for sale and it's all on its way.      

            Speaking of bows, it turns out that Abby's birthday happens at the best possible time, because it rains in the morning and then the sun comes out around 5 and it's barely even hot, Abby and I are rushing to get on the T so we can arrive at the beach by sunset and the best part is that when we get there there's no one around, pretty much just the two of us in the wind. Abby digs her hands in the sand and spells out a huge HO, yes honey we're hookers on a cheap vacation and Abby takes off her jeans and runs into the water in her boxers or wait, those are my boxers and then afterwards we sit out on the beach in the setting sun with all the colors I haven't seen in a long time, waiting until the water washes away the letters.


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