Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I love this description of my Lostmissing project, from a review of Animal Shelter #2 in Bookslut...

Then it's Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's excerpt from a public art project she initiated in 2009, "LostMissing," a graphic piece of personal reality that is pretty hard not to identify with, not to carry around with you for days even if you would rather ignore it, not dismantle your defense mechanisms and travel as light as possible. It talks about losing someone dear, about the void that stays within oneself despite any effort to get over it. It exposes the loss that takes the shape of your internal organs. It almost chokes you with the vulnerability it exhales, somehow making you feel ashamed that you've witnessed such an intimate moment, making you want to forget you've read it. But you simply can't. Way too acute to be easily reviewed without falling into the trap of excessive babbling, "LostMissing" is to be read and absorbed unless you haven't had enough of your own feelings of loss and loneliness: "I could say how dare you and then spit in your face, head back and then. I could say how dare you and then spit in your face and then lick it off you like a dog. Maybe if I was a dog then you would bend over and pet me and then I could bite your hand and it would be okay. What if I see you and the wind blows in my face and my hair gets messed up? I'm not used to that, with this new style that moves around more. My hair looks good today, but I need stronger hair gel. Stronger hair gel that I'm not allergic to. Maybe I'll see you and I'll start sneezing."

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