Thursday, January 03, 2013


Abby’s all K-ed out because she was nervous, I don't know how you can do K at an STD clinic but maybe it affects Abby differently. We go to Playland to celebrate, and everyone's afraid of this bar, because it's in the Combat Zone, and sure sometimes the queens get in fights but really it's the only place I've ever walked in where the bartender doesn't do that thing like someone just smacked her; she actually says hey honey, how's it going.

Back at home, we're waiting for our laundry again — yes, crabs, and this time we have the poison to kill them. While we're waiting we're sitting out in the square and I hear Spanish and Portuguese and only a little bit of English and that feels comforting. This time the kids are behaving and one of the Latino fathers even says to me: Beautiful hair. So maybe people are getting used to us.

After laundry and a few bumps to get out of the house, I mean honey it's been a long day — we actually got to the STD clinic, and did laundry, right? So we definitely need something to get motivated to get out of the house again. Four cocktails at Luxor and I decide it's time for the Fens, I mean it's always time for the Fens as far as I'm concerned but sometimes it takes a little while to convince Abby. But then just when we arrive of course I get a page. It's not like there's been any work, so I decide to go over even though this guy keeps saying oh, that's so expensive, and when I get to the door he says: I don't know if I want to go through with this.

Are you serious?

How low will you go?

What is this, a limbo contest? He probably does this all the time — what a bitch. Although he's kind of a hot bitch, and I'm horny anyway, so I say how about 60.

50, he bargains me down to 50. What – I'm a whore, not a slut. Or, okay, maybe both. Maybe one day I can be a slut without being a whore -- oh, what a dream.

Afterwards, this guy says my wife is away, so don't tell anyone, but do you want to do some blow? I love it when straight guys say blow.

Then I’m back at the Fens and flying off my ass, trying to smoke some pot on the bench but it's too windy and Gary comes over, she's the hairstylist I met when I was looking at apartments before Dorchester and she was living in the place right near here that I really wanted, I mean it was too expensive but so convenient. Anyway, that didn't work out but then maybe a few months later I was walking through the Fens and someone started yelling Mattilda even though it was that time when I disguised myself with a hat to cover my hair and I said how did you know? And she said Mattilda, your walk, no one else walks like that.

Anyway, turns out Gary's going to someone's house right nearby so we head over for more cocktails with some posh queens but then Gary runs away and leaves me there. Oh well, I go back to the Fens, 4 am and it's jumping, orgies everywhere, I even come again while there's this whole crowd jerking off around me, and then I get a page from Abby, who says Sean's in jail, will you bail him out?

In jail?

Yes, she got arrested on the block.

So then I walk all the way over to Berkeley and Tremont, figuring that way maybe I won't seem so high, and I hide my pot in a planter outside the jail, but then it turns out that Sean isn't there, she's already been released or maybe this was all a joke? No, Abby sounded serious. Dammit, I can't find my pot in the planter, I hope someone found it who could use it.


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