Tuesday, January 15, 2013


And just like that, Sage comes out in her platforms, dressed to the nines in raver realness, she's even got a pacifier. And she says: You bitches better work.

And, honey, I am definitely working it in the hallway, especially once I realize Juniper has been DJ-ing from the bedroom and that's why it sounds so good.

But where’s Abby? I open the bathroom door, and Abby and Avery are leaning over the tub. Ah, gross, they both vomited, gray and mushy on the left and orange and chunky on the right —should I run the water? Are you okay? And then Avery starts to spasm, Abby’s petting his back and saying it's okay, it's okay, and then when they stand up I look at their eyes it's flying saucer realness but now I'm starting to feel nauseous too. No, don't let it happen, no.

Dammit, I didn't think there was heroin in this X, but now I'm not sure.

Juniper comes in and says oh, it's okay, sometimes that happens with the good stuff, let me just turn on the shower.

Oh, the shower! Do you mind if I take a shower?

Are you sure? It's a little dirty. Let me get you a towel.

Juniper comes back with a big fluffy pink bath towel — oh, I love it, oh. If anyone needs to use the bathroom, just tell them to come in. I don't mind.

Of course, Mattilda, of course. Let me just make sure it's clean. All yours.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, Mattilda, thank you.

She leaves the room and I don't feel nauseous anymore, just my stomach gurgling and yes, another rush — this ecstasy is so fucking good. I take off my clothes and everything tingles even before the water hits my body and yes, the music is in the water, the music is coming through the window and under the door and up through the drain —yes, I can take all of it, all of it in my ears at once with this water on my face and oh, the shower, yes, bitch, my skin, my nose, my lips, my eyes, these hands on my body so strange the way suddenly there's so much to feel.

But then I need to shit — luckily that’s the toilet right there, I step out dripping wet, sit down and it all comes shooting out, that felt kind of good, flush, open the window, back in the shower. Yes, that's the Danny Tenaglia track where he eats ice cream and licks the floor and then oh my fucking god it’s like the record is stuck there in the melted mess — strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry meringue, peppermint patty, cookie dough, mint chocolate chip it's all in the beats don’t slip and is that Sage DJ-ing or Junior Fucking Vasquez?

Oh, this water in my beats, drenching everything in rattle battle skip and tattletale, you tattletale, rake it over in Seattle, yes Seattle battle skip-ee-doo scattle, is that a word, scattle?

Oh, wait, someone’s knocking. Come in!

Is it okay, Avery says.

Yes, I say, welcome to the Factory. Welcome.

Is it okay to pee?

Yes, yes — it is so okay. Go ahead – be my guest – go ahead. It's all yours.

I'm. Kind of. Pee-shy.

Oh. Don't worry. The water is. Running. Let it run. Run! Oh, I'm having so much fun.

Oh. I guess you're right.


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