Monday, March 11, 2013

Before this headache

Sometimes when I'm in the park I can let go of my life and just listen to the birds, look up at the trees, watch the fish in the koi pond, but then other times this only works for a moment and then I hear all the planes screeching over. Do planes screech? Groaning, maybe. Do planes grown? Moaning, perhaps.

Maybe it's not the planes that are groaning or moaning, but me, inside. I sit on this tree in a grove that used to house the cruising in the park, before something happened and it moved to the other side which is way less glamorous. Way less sheltering.

Today nothing is sheltering me. Probably I need to put the eye mask back on, where does this headache and? I hate it when people ask me if anything is better. No, nothing is better, nothing is better right now. Before this headache, maybe my headache was better.

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