Sunday, March 17, 2013

Headache inducer seducer

I hate it that now I’m afraid of the sun, can’t really appreciate it at all when it comes out on those rare moments in Seattle. Can appreciate it at all because it’s just a headache inducer, no longer a seducer. I mean hopefully soon, back to the seduction, but I just realized maybe it’s been almost a month since this headache started. Because I keep saying two weeks, but how long can two weeks go on? It’s more manageable, but is that just because I know what to expect, and what to avoid?

Acupuncture just give me energy, though, and it’s kind of confusing. I mean the needles were in too long, the acupuncturist left the room and I was sitting there getting wired, sweating even though all I was wearing was a tank top and boxers, until finally I decided just to take the needles out myself and walk downstairs and then the acupuncturist said she was just about to check on me, really?

How long have the needles been in, I asked, and she said 10 or 15 minutes but I knew that wasn’t the case, I was so angry sitting there thinking about how awful it is when I do something to take care of myself but it wrecks me. Except actually, maybe, maybe this time it didn’t wreck me, just made me wired and hopefully I won’t crash into some horror, just calm, okay, calm. The sun is going in, so maybe I’ll go for a walk.

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