Friday, April 19, 2013

A special flower

Everything smells like urine in LA today — there couldn’t be this much urine in the world, could there? It must be something in the air, but what? A special urine flower blooming? Maybe just because it’s 20 degrees warmer in the morning today, 80 instead of 60, maybe that brings out all the elegant aromas. I guess the urine just stays there in the street because it never rains, even in this grass, and I’m on my way to get cucumber juice, even though thinking about going into that health food store and standing with everyone else waiting for juice sounds awful, but guess what? Here I am on the street afterwards, and already I feel better. Hooray for cucumber juice! Maybe I will actually be able to go on a walk in the park today. That’s my favorite thing in LA, Griffith Park, driving there with someone and then going down the path. The same path, mostly, the one up to the observatory, because the others I’ve tried are too steep. This park is so big it’s astonishing, how big is it? So big that you drive to a different neighborhood and there it is again, what park is that? Oh, really? Really.

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