Monday, April 01, 2013

Makes connection possible

There’s so much to write, and I just started his tour. There’s so much to write, but the voice software is not cooperating. Like I just started this tour yesterday, and I already missed my first train. But then, thanks to problem-solving by Alex West an Meghan Storms, I found a ride with people I didn’t know and we ended up in Olympia, where I hadn’t expected to go, we ended up in Olympia on this gorgeous faux-spring day and everyone was so friendly, it was like a dream of what Olympia could be, everyone stopped in the aisles of the coop to say hello to one another and then you have any random people that actually meant something and then we got Portland much later than my original plan but it felt special in the way that a sudden connection in a moment of possible crisis makes connection more possible, and that’s what touring is about, right?

I want to write about all the different birds and flowers and the way people are so much friendlier in Portland and Seattle, I mean people on the street, and what does that mean? There were kids outside an elementary school who waved hello. Several middle-aged straight guys who stopped me to compliment my outfit. Yes, it’s a sunny day in the Northwest, or almost sunny, which is the same thing, since it’s the Northwest, the people are not this friendly in Seattle, not even on a sunny day and I want to write more but damn this voice software is really a mess right now, maybe it just takes time to train since this is a new computer.

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