Wednesday, April 03, 2013

One question at least

Sometimes I feel like whenever one health problem starts to calm down, something else starts to flare up. Like this morning I wake up with the most horrible intestinal bloating, I mean it’s hard to walk, hard to stand up, hard to do anything but get back in bed, and why? I keep thinking, why? What did I do yesterday that was different, was there something that was different?
And I realize oh, feldenkrais, I went to a great feldenkrais session and why, why now? Why when I do something to help myself, to keep myself in balance, to prevent too much pain on this tour, something soothing and calming and uplifting and grounding, why then? And I realize oh, in the session we were doing all this work around breathing into the belly and that’s why. Because when I breathe into the belly, everything gets stuck, I’m not sure why, maybe something with the diagram but this has been going on for so long and lately it has felt a little better until waking up this morning on this cloudy soothing day except now it feels sad, I feel sad and oh, there’s some explosive gas coming out, that’s helpful, helpful for this pain, but how to get the rest of it out, that’s the question, one question at least.

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