Saturday, April 06, 2013

Stocking up on moisture

The moss in Eugene is different than the moss in Seattle – much paler, almost a pastel green instead of the deeper green I’m used to, it makes some of the trees look like ghosts. Yesterday I walked a mile in pouring rain, luckily there’s a washer and dryer where staying. I guess I’m stocking up on moisture before LA, or before the 28-hour train to LA. Oh, the 28-hour train – I hope I survive.
I’ve survived so far, but this is a bigger test. Those long trains always destroy my sinuses, and will that make me incapacitated by the headaches again? Here I wear sunglasses even in the rain, but what about the sun in LA, what will I do there? I did bring a sun hat, that’s been great so far. I actually feel better rather than worse. I think the new homeopathic remedy I started right before I left Seattle is helping. And, hiding from the sun, the glare, at all times of day. Of course the rain helps my allergies too, probably there won’t be any rain in LA. Different allergies.

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