Friday, April 12, 2013


Pay attention to the way the trunks of the palm trees look so smooth, but when you touch them actually they’re prickly. The part at the bottom that looks rough is actually softer. Look how tall they are, two huge ones in front of a tiny house. Pay attention to the ivy climbing all the way up that one. The cute houses on this street. Side streets: that’s the key. Avoid the bigger ones, too much noise and then everything is ruined. Maybe Los Feliz Boulevard for a block so I can walk toward the park, yes the big pine trees, the pretty old buildings but no, I can’t take it, turn around. Stay on the side streets. What’s that up ahead? Hillhurst. Maybe I can cross to the other side. No, too noisy, turn around. Oh, those red feather duster flowers dripping off that tree, touch them. Oh, so soft – do you think they could really be used as settlor dusters? Moist too, I like the moisture. LA is a difficult place for me, but this is a good intersection, Welch and Dracena, turn quickly off Vermont like I’m fleeing the traffic and when I get back just turn quickly into the building and the glass door closes, noise in the distance but still so bright inside the courtyard, sunglasses.

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