Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The allure

I don’t think I been to a 7-Eleven in years, but there’s one a block from where I’m staying in LA so I figure it would be a good place to get toilet paper, right? I can’t believe that the company that makes Charmin actually manufactures smaller rolls of toilet paper, and calls them “regular size,” and then 7-Eleven sells this atrocity for double the usual price. And, at the register, you want to buy a Powerball, or something lottery bullshit with a name like – they ask every customer this, what a racket.
But, the good news is that I make it to Griffith Park. It turns out that yesterday I was only a few blocks away. I get to the entrance and I don’t know where to go exactly, not to the golf club, that’s for sure, how about this path up a hill and oh, after a few turns up a steep sandy path I realize this is it, this is why people love this park, this is why people love LA, I actually get it. Because it’s like you’re in the desert, you look in one direction and the mountains, in the other strange shrubs and all these birds chirping and wait, no way, what is that, a dear, a deer crossing the path in the middle of the day and I’m in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world, really?
Even the air smells like air, dry, way too dry, but still air in that familiar desert way that isn’t my climate, that’s for sure, no more living in the desert, but still, up here it’s gorgeous and I wonder where the infamous Griffith Park cruising take place, in my mind it’s somewhere near the observatory which is up there but maybe I made that up, I’ll have to ask someone because I can certainly see the allure of cruising in the middle of the day in this amazing fantasy world.
Oh, and there’s the skyline – no, don’t look at that, it’s ugly. Back to the dry earth and the bending trees, especially this little area with so many chirping birds. Oh – and, lizards, so many lizards. I only saw lizards twice the whole time I lived in Santa Fe, and I’ve already seen three today. Isn’t that supposed to be good luck? This park, I can tell, it must be good luck.
Remind me never to go into an optician again to look for sunglasses – they bring out all these ridiculous things, I mean ridiculous because they cost 300 or 400 dollars, they should get together with 7-Eleven and their overpriced mini-Charmin, that’s for sure. The problem with going to the park is then you come back down and really, this, ugly streets and cars speeding by and oh, I’m exhausted again.

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