Monday, August 12, 2013

Classical proportions

The blonde guy puts on his clothes and walks down the beach, what a pretty beach with trees right at the water and here’s another wave, oh it looks exactly like Bethany where I went as a kid I miss Bethany I mean the ocean, that’s what looks the same not the beach this beach is more wild and undeveloped, prettier, but the ocean I guess it is the same ocean let’s go swimming.
But now the blonde guy’s dressed, why did he get dressed? It just seems strange. Why get dressed? He’s by the harbor in white jeans, he must bleach those jeans a lot it’s hard to find white jeans without stains, grass or dirt or oil or car exhaust or pollution or handprints or egg yolk or come or shit or dead bugs or chewing gum or just sand, what about sand or the ocean, maybe the ocean doesn’t stain. Where is he now, I ask Bobby who’s behind me again although I can still feel his lips in my crotch, how does he do that? Now he’s behind me, holding me from behind like we’re little kids on the beach, and maybe we are, we can be, here on this beach.
Bobby, where are we now?
Still Fire Island– I want to take you there sometime.
That makes me giggle like I’m on a ride, a fun ride on the boardwalk not something scary, where am I, I haven’t even made it to Provincetown.
Okay, this part is boring, he’s petting a dog or okay I guess I can pet my legs like a dog woof woof and Bobby’s holding my hands, whose hands, look, my hands, whoa – but this guy is reading a newspaper called GAY, is that a real paper, and Bobby says have some more K, and I think I like the sound of the projector more than this music, and Bobby says ooh, ooh, I have something special for you, just what you need to relax, and he runs back into the kitchen, now this guy is writing a letter and is that a wedding ring he’s wearing? Is he really married, why, why would anyone get married? A mineral like one of my grandmother’s on the table, pyrite like gold, fool’s gold but I always thought it was prettier than the real thing and now he’s walking around naked and so am I, we can walk around naked together on the carpet beach swimming pool sand smooth feet together.
But now he puts on pants to send a letter, I don’t want to put on pants to send a letter this is confusing. And Bobby’s back with a big glass of orange juice for me, now he has his briefs on again, that’s better. Where are my boxers? What a pretty purple glass of orange juice, purple and orange and I’m watching the lights on the glass in the juice and this guy is swimming as the calendar starts to burn, why is the calendar burning?
You’re beautiful, Bobby says, like a Michelangelo, you have classical proportions, did anyone ever tell you that? And now there’s a kid running on the beach with a dog, just after sunset and the calendar is floating in the water I wish we could go swimming the water is bubbling purple bubbles and Bobby says go ahead, drink your orange juice, fresh squeezed and he’s right this is the best orange juice I’ve ever tasted and there’s so so much, it just goes on and on and I’m finally in the water I can feel it on my skin pouring through me so warm I love this music through the path in the trees, where does this path lead, oh, back to the beach and I’m in the water floating away, the heat from the sun on my skin I’m floating away the drums at the post office a kid with a kite, back into the woods I’m running naked through the woods and the drums, the matches, fire in the woods and a glass case and the water is bubbling, I’m bubbling in the water swimming through my skin in the music whose heart is that really my heart, pumping so fast in the dark with the lights and I’m spinning everything’s red in the shadows of the trees in the sand in the ocean we’re in a sauna, sweating in the bubbles floating through the tunnel the music through my body and Bobby’s saying yes, that’s the sound of his hands, the tunnel so bright and dark, inside and outside I’m a gymnast, bending into new shapes, rolling on the beach over and around the pole go Mary Lou go Mary Lou where’s the pole I think I can stay balanced my body opening up into the water and through the woods and into the softest wave I’ve ever felt in my life yes I want to stay here forever with the water flowing through me.

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