Sunday, August 11, 2013

In the sand

Oh, I love this movie already, the titles written in the sand on the beach — I wish I was writing in sand: if I sit down on the carpet I can pretend. What would I write? HELLO. HELLO. Or HO, like Abby on her birthday on Revere Beach, we should go to Revere Beach again.
Pretend I’m at the beach with the lights swirling around the splatter paint sky and this movie, it’s beautiful the way you hear the birds in the trees and see the leaves alternating in light and dark and what beach is this?
Fire Island, Bobby says, and oh, now I understand why people go there. But why this awful classical music? Can we turn ESG on again, to drown out this music?
It takes longer to write in the sand carpet than I thought. HELLO. HELLO.
Wait, now it’s night already, that was fast. I know it’s night in here, but night on the beach, this guy in the sky with his shiny chest glowing, okay, daytime again and the ocean, I love the ocean, green and blue and wait, now it’s nighttime again or maybe I’m just high and Bobby, I’m looking at Bobby to see if he notices how fast everything is changing and oh, his eyes, now he’s behind me, rubbing my back, this guy’s back, shaved head, before I thought he was kind of cheesy with the ‘70s denim look but now, now Bobby’s rubbing his back, this is fun.
Oh, look — some boy’s running towards us from the ocean and then we just see his hand feeling that guy up I’m feeling that guy up and now his head goes down, before I wasn’t sure about facial hair but now I like it. He’s much hotter than the guy from the ocean a mermaid but without scales, I miss the scales and oh, Bobby’s on his knees with my dick in his mouth and how did this happen? Oh, Bobby has a shaved head too, how come I didn’t notice that before, I guess his hat, that’s right, where did the hat go, was it red?
Now I’m laughing because it’s funny with Bobby down there between my legs the way he’s grinding into the carpet and trying to get me hard I’m not going to get hard I’m way too high my hands on his skin so warm and then these guys step into the woods and they’re making out, wow, I love it when the blonde one rubs his hand through the back of the first guy’s head, down his chest but why is he putting a cock ring on his dick, it makes me nervous that both of their dicks are still pretty soft although not as soft as mine, maybe they’re on ecstasy too, Bobby’s mouth like a fish I kind of want to lie down maybe they’re both on ecstasy and Bobby pulls away from my dick and stands up with his dick in my face, wow it’s huge but Bobby, stop, I told you I’m too high. Okay, Bobby says, and goes into the kitchen with his dick swinging.
Oh, now the blonde guy in this lighting, here’s where he’s suddenly hot, now I get it, the sun illuminating space through the trees and now it’s his ass pumping away and damn, okay, now he’s hard but his dick isn’t nearly as big as Bobby’s, what would I do with a dick that large it’s too large and the camera keeps going back into the trees, sparkling with the sun and oh, now someone’s getting fucked but I can’t tell who it is and then the trees, oh, wait, now the blonde guy’s jerking off over the other guy’s face, mouth open to take all that come so much come and then he rubs it all over his face, wow, the abandon, I guess this was the ‘70s, an abandoned time, now they’re making out again and then the one with a shaved head is getting his dick sucked and the music is really religious, like a choir or The Sound of Music the Mormon Tabernacle although what do I know about the Mormon Tabernacle, when I was nine I made a report on the Mormon Temple rising off 270 like a fairy castle and oh, Bobby’s sucking my dick again I’m in the movie with the disco lights and splatter paint all over my body and this guy is jerking off while everything flashes, we’re flashing into the past present future — I’m on the disco ball rolling down the beach and he takes his cock ring off and puts it on the other guy’s arm and then runs away, but where are you going, oh, all the way into the water until you disappear, you disappeared in the water, I miss you already and oh, how does he breathe like that now Bobby stop, stop, you’re going to miss the movie.

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