Saturday, August 31, 2013

Through my body

The energetic pathways in my body opening up – that’s what I’m starting to feel, especially with feldenkrais at the beginning of the day and then when I start eating, the vegetables bringing a warmth through my body. Although then with the grains and beans, everything becomes cloudy again. But I can’t just eat vegetables, that’s not enough calories to sustain me.
I’m on a roll with my editing for Sketchtasy, I can’t believe how much I’ve already done. I’m almost frantic, pushing through, and part of that is because I’m leaving to go on tour in a month, but also his because I’m so exhausted I can’t function and I feel isolated here in Seattle because I don’t have the energy to connect with people if I have to explain, to explain how I’m feeling. Or, catch up — what could be more exhausting than catching up?
But this editing, it kind of give me energy in a way, even if it hurts my body and leaves me drained too it still makes me hopeful in some way. Hopeful about creating something, engaging with the world, crafting this novel, doing this thing that I love.

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