Monday, September 09, 2013

The effect of gay marriage on queer community: a photo essay


Brynn said...

Wow. Powerful. Brilliant! Albeit a tad pessimistic. This is one old queer who hopes to hang on to his radicalism as well as his community.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, Brynn! I also hope to create more possibilities for radicalism and community in spite of the annihilating atrocity of gay marriage :)

Love –

Richard Nelson said...

Oh goodness thanks for some folks who still talk this way. Here in Hartford we have a group of young folks who belong to True Colors who last week invited in the CIA for an empowerment workshop. Hey Mattilda check out the blog, The Ct. Forum is hosting Dan Savage and three other comfortable class gay folks. We are causing a tizzy about it. FOOLS.
Love to you

Richard Nelson said...

Wonderful essay. I am afraid my community is failing. Not the one we grew out in. Last week a youth group in Hartford hosted the CIA for an empowerment workshop!!!

We are taking on the Ct. Forum here over the 3 white comfortable class gays on a panel called, On Being Gay. Dan Savage is one panelist. Check out our stuff on the blog Add your voice to the slap them down.

Hope all is well Mattilda

Love and kisses