Thursday, September 05, 2013

The lights at night

President Obama is scheduled to meet with Russian LGBT activists on Friday — will he ask them if they want the US to bomb Russia? Meanwhile, I wake up and there’s a thunderstorm. Or, is that the trucks hauling away the debris from the two beautiful houses they tore down yesterday? Maybe it’s a thunderstorm, and the trucks. Making way for a new building to house people who could’ve been housed better and more cheaply in the old building, I imagine — progress, indeed.

Outside, there’s a girl gang of shirtless boys jogging in their underwear – is this the new wave of violent crime in Seattle that everyone’s talking about? Here come more trucks, hauling away debris. Strangely I don’t mind the sound today — does this mean I’m feeling better? But wait — here come the toxic diesel fumes. At least I now have a view of the skyline, temporarily. I like watching the lights at night.

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