Monday, September 02, 2013

The rest of the time

I love it when I’m in an appointment with an alleged healthcare practitioner, and they suggest that I look something up on the internet. Oh, sorry — I thought I was here to get credible advice. Even worse, when I wake up and I realize that yesterday was the good day, are you serious? I turn the radio on, and some soldier or former soldier is talking about watching pieces of his friend’s skull blown off his head: I think there are limits to this type of mourning.

Twitter is for pronouncements, Facebook is for denouncements. I’ve been thinking about Twitter lately. Not sure why, exactly, but I may try it out. I have a profile already, but I’ve never used it.

There’s a lot of dialogue in Sketchtasy — now is the time to decide which parts of the dialogue are crucial for building the characters, the relationships, the scenes, and which parts were just crucial for writing them. When I’m immersed in editing, a kind of feel okay, sometimes I even feel like I’m doing well, suddenly, maybe this is the moment. But then there’s the rest of the time.

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