Monday, October 14, 2013

Another bed there

Remembering when the phone was the phone, and now people are surprised when it still is. Remembering when I met Tara-Michelle Ziniuk and she said: you called it feminism, and I called it anarchism, and it’s the same thing. Is there a special track in MFA programs to teach you how to write about someone when they win a Really Important Prize, but just accidentally, so that maybe accidentally you can win the prize too? Or do I mean coincidentally? Sometimes there are so many dreams in one night that it’s hard to imagine how they all fit. 1-800-SHADE is a real company selling blinds – they bring all the samples to your house. Sometimes there are so many nightmares it’s hard to remember to dream. This might work the other way around. Sometimes there are dreams that become nightmares, and sometimes there are nightmares that become dreams. Marriage is a good example of this. Sometimes there is so much dust under the bed that you have another bed there.

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