Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bring it on!!! A wonderful interview with Yasmin Nair in In These Times...

What’s sad to me is the way that gay people who moved to San Francisco in the ’70s, who were escaping from places where they couldn’t express themselves or families that really wanted them to disappear, then moved to San Francisco and ended up policing the borders to keep out the “wrong” queer people. For example, in the Castro, we have gay bar owners arresting homeless queers because they are getting in the way of happy hour. We have gay real estate development companies who advise their clients on how to evict people with AIDS and long-term seniors so they can get more money for their property. We have gay neighborhood associations that fight against the construction of a queer youth shelter; we have gay political consultants who engineer the elections of anti-poor, pro-development candidates over and over again. So we can see in San Francisco what happens when gay people actually become part of the power structure.
Straight people are not going to hold mainstream gay people accountable for their violence, because straight people are too busy trying to camouflage their own homophobia. The straight left has done no better job than the Tea Party at dealing with structural homophobia. So queer people have to hold gay gentrifiers accountable for that kind of violence. Alongside that smiling, happy, “We’re just like you” vision of gay normalcy, there has been for decades a radical queer outsider culture that’s dedicated to creating an alternative to that as well as an alternative to the straight worlds that most of us originated in.


Anonymous said...

Excellent!!!! Thanks for saying this. Here in Hartford Ct. the lgbt youth group lead by gay mainstream just held a empowerment workshop that was run by the CIA. Oh yes our enemies are everywhere.

You know Mattilda it makes many of us old queers rather sad that this is what some have come to.But its fight on for me when I realize that it is worth it because of young folks like you who remain true to the very soul of what lgbt folks once where. See you in Middletown.

Love Richard

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Can't wait to see you in Middletown, Richard!!!

Love –

Anonymous said...

And I must say EXPAND the possibilities of what we can be which is the most important part.