Saturday, October 19, 2013

Finally, an Amtrak success story…

When I was a night person, I met a lot of people on the train. Mostly smokers and drunks, since those were the people who were up. Occasionally these people were interesting.

Now I rarely meet anyone, I just hide in my compartment and try not to get a migraine. Most people on the train don’t want to meet me anyway. But this woman asked me what I do, what I do in Seattle. Ended up ordering my book online while she was sitting across from me, now that is a success story about the internet and digital media, right?

After I went to sleep, she wrote me a note: “I love your book so far. Got to chapter “The End of San Francisco” & didn’t want to put down, but need to go to sleep! So fast & yet a lot in common & nothing — I went to Texas to Camp Casey in ‘04 — Cindy Sheehan, remember her? Protesting Bush & Iraq — The next year, I went to DC & got arrested at the Peace Rally with Cindy & a bunch of others — Joan Baez too. A bit too empathetic for our own good — you and me — anyway, writing in dark, hope readable & I’m going to sleep — enjoy your tour!”

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