Sunday, October 06, 2013

Incredible flavor

              I realize that most people, when traveling, think about where they can go to eat. For me, since I know I can’t really eat out anyway, I think about where I can go to buy groceries and where I can cook. And so, the produce update: the broccoli in Havre, Montana is the best I’ve ever tasted, and they have so many local sprouts at the chain supermarket to choose from. The organic kale, on the other hand, is from California in the 1970s: I have to boil it for a whole hour before it’s edible.

              Madison, Wisconsin has the best collard greens and turnips, and an even more amazing selection of sprouts – in Washington state the regulations for producing and selling sprouts are so stringent that you can’t find them anywhere. The shiitake mushrooms in Madison are also surprisingly good. And, the onions in the suburbs of Chicago are phenomenal. I don’t know where I got the bay leaves that I’m traveling with, but I wish I did because they have an incredible flavor that I haven’t noticed before, and I think I only have about five left.

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