Saturday, October 05, 2013


One thing I’m noticing while I’m on tour is how self-contained I can be. Even here in Madison, at a hotel on the side of a thoroughfare, I feel pretty relaxed. I just need a trip to a good health food store, somewhere to cook, and a nice walk. Internet service, I guess. The walking possibilities here were looking kind of bleak, with the Toyota service shop next door, Pizzeria Uno down the street and the highway looming large in sound and sight. But then I decided to walk up a hill, and on the side of the road it actually smelled amazing, with all sorts of wild flowers and weeds and small trees growing. Then through some suburban low-end condo area, but there were birds chirping, I love birds. And then, up ahead, the hulk of an old farmhouse and an abandoned field. Even a park with a not-quite-path through a kind-of woods and everything’s okay again, the air feels so fresh, my feet into the different textures in the ground. And then I’m tired again, and it’s time to walk back.

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