Sunday, October 13, 2013

Time change

There’s nothing like 6 hours on the train to make you feel like there’s a time change, even when there’s no time change. And nothing like spending time in the country to make you realize how gross the city is. Like this place where I was saying before and it felt so calm, now I open the door and all I can smell is mold. The time change in my head, crinkling my sinuses, poking my forehead, in front of everything looms sleep, that’s what I need, more sleep.
            But the beach, cold and windy but still sunny, so I’m lying in it, that’s what calms me, almost give me enough energy to walk back, where there are about to film a Walmart commercial in front of the building where I’m staying. Inside, the headache is back, which made it means it went away, or maybe just means that I didn’t notice it as much.

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