Thursday, October 24, 2013

Undoing the hold

I’m thinking about why it’s a little disturbing that, since my short piece in the New York Times, I’m now seeing myself described in shorthand as “trans activist Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore.” While I do identify as trans, if there’s one word used to describe me I prefer queer. As in rejecting hierarchies, subverting status quo normalcy, creating more possibilities for deviance and defiance. Trans can (and sometimes does) mean all of this, but unfortunately it has become assimilated as the T in the LGBT, a fixed identity melded to the marketing of sameness as diversity. I don’t want any part of the LGBT, an acronym enabling the same old power structure, dressing it up in rainbow flags and equality signs – tokenizing, marginalizing, policing the borders. Instead, I want to undo the hold of the LGBT on the queer imagination.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes yes yes. Folks must move out from under the thumb of lgbt. I tell folks do not refer to the "gay" mainstream as queer. that is a good start. The more "gays" do the more I find myself moving away, away from them. I do not see them, sad to say for this 65 year old queer with so many fights behind me, as my sisters and brothers anymore. Around in this neck of the woods so many trans folks just want to pass and be done with it. Queer is so much more as you always say so beautifully.Sometimes it hurts to see what lgbt folks have come to.
On the net check out S.A.I.D and what they are trying to do in NYC. Seems the "gays" are trying again to deny the role of our glorious mothers at the Stonewall rebellion. Again and again this fight comes up.

There is a pretty good restaurant in Middletown called Its Only Natural. Check it out maybe you can find something good to eat there that will suit you.

We did a posting on your tour over at furbirdsqueerly and I will send out to my list the info.


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yay-- thank you, as always, for the support and engagement, Richard – can't wait to see you in Middletown!

Love –