Monday, November 04, 2013


For a moment I thought Pandora was pangaea. This could be a start to something. It’s a little disconcerting when the pollen-y parts of a fake flower start falling off all over me. I’m not sure what this says about real flowers. I can’t believe my mother actually did something I requested: she called, and I answered, and she knew I didn’t have the energy to talk, so she didn’t ask me to talk. On NPR, mystery writer Sara Paretsky says we still need feminist bookstores because “there is so much clamor out there in the blogosphere. It's hard for any one voice to be heard." That’s right – the problem isn’t the publishing industry or media consolidation, it’s the blogosphere. Too many voices! I thought that was what feminism was about.

I love these fake flowers, fake flowers on hats. I don’t know what this says about hats.

I am anything but an NYC booster, but the NYC subway is the only public transportation in this country that actually works. I know the NYC subway doesn’t work all the time, and definitely doesn’t work for everyone, or everywhere in NYC, but still it’s so much better than any other US city. I’ve been to. On a different note, the subway ticket agent told me I looked fabulous. More jobs, less automation, please.

Breaking news – Google is outraged by NSA intercepting traffic on its networks: spying not used for advertising purposes should not be allowed. Is the NSA an advertising agency? Maybe not yet. A new porn video: Tapping the Pope, starring Mel Gibson. Filmed entirely on location at Barney’s New York. People are outraged about racial profiling at Barney’s New York? I thought that was the point of Barney’s New York. I know there’s an advantage to freshly-ground pepper, but freshly-ground salt? Tell me if I’m missing something. On the street, this guy says oh, that’s a flower in your hat — I thought you were dressed as a pimp.

I guess pimps don’t like flowers.

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