Sunday, December 29, 2013

Interview on OtherPeople podcast...

This is a strange interview. Brad Listi, the interviewer, is very worried about using the wrong language to talk about queerness. In fact, in his introduction, he says he may have set “a new record for awkwardness.” I’m worried that he’s asking me so many questions about childhood, and even asking me to elaborate on the scene I describe so clearly in the first chapter of The End of San Francisco, where I’m visiting my abusive father on his deathbed. I’m worried that, by asking for all this elaboration, Brad is imposing a linear narrative on work that deliberately challenges that façade. If I were to edit this interview, I would take all those parts out, and then I would love it. But it’s not that type of interview. It’s a podcast. There are moments of revelation — I like it best when Brad asks me specific questions about language as a catalyst, naming and claiming, when the rhetoric doesn’t match reality – and when we tell stories about trading books to build relationships, trying to create space for people who don’t match. And, I do always enjoy talking about Mary Cheney.

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