Friday, January 10, 2014

Here I am

            Don’t you love it when a receipt for $320.19 of groceries tell you at the bottom: YOU SAVED $.39. I also get pretty excited when the size of a bunch of kale shrinks by one half, and the price goes down by a quarter. My first thought when returning to Seattle: It’s dark here. (But it’s night.) And then, driving through downtown and the International District: this is bleak. And then, getting closer to my neighborhood: I LIVE IN THIS SUBURBAN HELLHOLE?! And:
There’s an OfficeMax on Broadway, the symbolic center of gay Seattle, along with the eight or nine banks. Yes, IT GETS BETTER. In my apartment: I can’t believe how cluttered this is. I can’t believe I have so many plants. I need to get rid of that second sofa. I can’t believe how small my kitchen is, especially how the stove is tucked underneath the kitchen shelves. Even the bathroom feels small. I do like the new view out the kitchen window since they tore down the house across the street, the colors of the downtown skyline glittering at night. But that won’t last long.

            In the morning — oh, I love these plants! And, looking out the living room window, noticing how impressive that tree is, even without the leaves. All the trees, my favorite thing about Seattle. It’s dark here, almost doesn’t feel like day until about 10 am and they keep the lights on in the construction site all day long.

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