Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I could write about Whitefish, Montana, where the snow stays white

I'm serious — the snow stays white. Just don’t go to bed too early, because there’s an air-raid siren, or something like that, every night at exactly 10 pm. It's incredibly loud. Not sure what it's for, especially in a town where most things close at 6. Although, across from the big café that closes at 3 on Sundays, there’s a café that opens at 2, and stays open all the way until 9 pm. The signs telling people to watch after their dogs call them companion animals. People stare, but they don’t stare as much as they do in other places where people stare. There’s a beautiful bike trail, especially beautiful right now because there’s no one on it. It’s covered in snow. You can look out at the frozen river, watch the crows in trees. If you walk far enough, you’ll get to Whitefish Lake and the public beach, which right now is pure white, continuing most of the way into the lake and you can only tell where it starts because there’s a dock that leads to the water, but there’s no water. Way in the distance, a little bit of blue. The snowy mountains right there.

            Although it’s a tourist town, it’s a tourist town that still has useful things downtown: an all-purpose grocery store, a health food store, hardware store, cafes, healthcare practitioners. Not like Santa Fe, where downtown is really only for tourists. But Santa Fe is a big city in comparison to Whitefish, 10 times the size. Like Santa Fe, everyone drives a big truck and there must not be emissions standards because of the fumes. I can’t tell if they are dirt roads, because of all the snow. Unlike Santa Fe, I could live here without a car, and still get around pretty easily to everything I needed. I mean if I could live here.


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mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, Jeffery!