Sunday, January 12, 2014

I didn't realize people watched the Golden Globes

Positive thinking is the worst thing I can imagine. Breaking into the art world vs. Breaking the art world. Someone needs to end the phrase I SOLD THE BOOK. Because you’ve been working on it for five years, is selling it really the most important thing? Of course, it’s wonderful to get it published, and to announce that, but can’t we make that announcement instead of immediately monetizing it? Especially when most people are getting basically nothing for something they worked on for so long, in so many ways both describable and indescribable.
Given their track record, I think we should change Google Alerts to Google UnAlerts. Anyone who says they’re not judging is obviously judging. Queers who like Dennis Cooper disturb me, but straight guys? That’s just scary. When CALL FOR ARTISTS really means PAY US TO SHOW YOUR WORK. Besides, what could be worse than someone who says they’re not judging? Isn’t judging what means we’re alive? And, it would be nice if the toilet actually flushed.

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