Monday, February 24, 2014


I found this disturbing sign in my neighborhood. It pretends to be a Capitol Hill Neighborhood Watch flyer, although I don’t think there is a neighborhood watch in Capitol Hill – although, of course I could be wrong. Also, they spelled Capitol Hill wrong, and usually neighbors so concerned with watching don’t make that type of error, do they? Also, it starts by saying “M.A.D.D. & N.A. present,” and it’s hard to imagine there’s really a chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Capitol Hill, isn’t that a suburban thing? Although, of course, the suburban imagination is everywhere now, so who knows.

So then it says “DRUG DEALER WATCH 2014,” which would seem a bit strange for an NA posting, since NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous, and what this flyer purports to be is a “criminal profile.” They give this guy’s age, height, hair color, eye color, and then even his home address, including apartment number, as well as his cell phone number, along with pictures that look like they must be from some cruising site, and then they tell us that he is a “gay sex-club member & coined resident ‘CUM DUMPSTER.’” Oh, wait — actually, they say that the locations of his business include home, phone, Club Z (sex club), and schools (“often with minors.”).
Then this flyer tells us this person is suspected of crystal meth dealing and possession, tax evasion, theft, pedophilia, and breaking and entering, and the flyer encourages people to call the cops to report any “illegal and/or suspicious activity surrounding Philip or his place of business.” Let’s back up: pedophilia? Is this 1950? Pedophiles are walking around the neighborhood, picking up kids at schools and dealing them drugs? The worst part is that, given all of the information, the sex profile pictures, etc., this probably isn’t some straight homophobe, but some gay person feeding into straight homophobia in order to get back at someone he has a grudge against. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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