Friday, June 13, 2014

Imprisoned for the crime of being trans – free Jane Doe!

Does everyone know about the case of Jane Doe, a transgender teenager now in prison in Connecticut for over two months without any charge, held in solitary confinement for the crime of being trans? Unfortunately this case is not unusual. It’s the way the vicious prison system has been designed to work. What is unusual is the tremendous amount of support that Jane has received from an incredible group organizing on her behalf. And yet Jane is still in prison. Here’s a summary of the case, and what people can do to help, by Chase Strangio and Reina Gossett...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mattilda for spreading the word. Here is an update as of yesterday.

Statement from Justice 4 Jane

Jane left prison at 11AM today.
Thank you to everyone whose hard work, advocacy and fightback made this happen. It would have been virtually impossible without all of your support. Jane would have been languishing in prison indefinitely, but now she has a solid network of people who love her. We did that, together.

The fight doesn't end here, though.

Our next steps are to get Jane moved from Middletown and ultimately into a loving family. At the same time, we will be supporting Jane in her civil suit against CT DCF and fighting to repeal statute 17a-12, to ensure no other child faces Jane's fate. Stay tuned, stay in the streets! We have won this partial victory and we owe it to Jane to be with her all the way.

What was wonderful about this movement was the untied front of folks across the political and cultural spectrum. Who was missing from this fight, mainstream gays and lesbians who chose to as we see it take the side of the state. Who was in the fight, assorted Socialists, anarchists, trans* folks, radical queers and lots of young folks. As the statement from Justice 4 Jane states we will continue this important work here in Ct.


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thanks for this update, Richard -- and, for all your work!!!