Sunday, December 28, 2014


Is it safe to wear red and green yet? Some people talk to their kids like they talk to their dogs, and some people talk to their dogs like they talk to their kids. When a dog is wearing a bandanna, does this mean it’s trying to cover up its hair, or is it an anarchist?

People with off-leash dogs, dogs with off-leash people. But there’s one place in my mouth where something always gets stuck, and I’m not talking about language. One thing about language is that sometimes it hurts. Or, it doesn’t hurt, and then you do. I can't tell if this dog is wearing argyle ironically. But I was trying to tell you about this place in my mouth where food gets stuck, how it hurts when I try to get the food out, I can poke with a toothpick or floss but sometimes I pull out too much pain, this is a metaphor, my rotting flesh.
Confession: the only good metaphor is a dead metaphor. One problem with meeting new people is that they don’t call you back and then you have to meet new people. But am I still a good person if I put the dishes away when they’re not quite dry?
Ouch—I lifted out the drain strainer, and it cut me. But I’m almost not late to therapy. I hope my therapist isn’t going to ask me to listen to his feelings. When I was a kid, I made up happy lyrics for sad songs. This is called denial.


Oli said...

But am I still a good person if I put the dishes away when they’re not quite dry?
ha, thank you for giving voice to this! said sardonically but true, the tip of the iceberg of all kindsa feelings you're touching on here. glad to be reading more of yr writing again.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, Oli :)