Thursday, December 04, 2014

Loss prevention

As protests erupt across the country for Eric Garner, I watch a white guy tackle a black guy to the ground outside my local co-op. Holds him down on the cement and handcuffs him. He tells me this is “loss prevention.” But whose loss? I’m told that the policy of the co-op is only to confront people in “extreme” cases, like when more than $20 is at stake, maybe a bottle of liquor, this manager tells me. So the unionized cooperative grocery store thinks it’s okay to tackle someone to the ground for stealing a bottle of liquor? Whose loss is being prevented? Why is the co-op selling liquor anyway? Sounds like a loss of integrity. I know co-op members voted to sell liquor, but did they know they were also voting to tackle people to the ground and send them to jail for petty theft? Throwing someone in jail for stealing from the co-op doesn’t sound to me like the values of a co-op.

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