Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My review of HBO's Looking in The New Inquiry!!!

A smart editor at The New Inquiry asked me to review HBO's Looking. The hardest part was watching this advertisement for a gentrified San Francisco masquerading as a portrait of contemporary gay life, but I came up with a few things to say..."By acting like displacement isn’t happening, Looking plays an active role in cultural erasure—it’s a tourist brochure for a gentrified San Francisco, an advertising campaign with bodies as billboards. In this day and age, when the portrayal of gay lives is hardly more threatening than a trip to Pottery Barn, Looking makes sure that no hint of a queer alternative slips through the cracks in the glaze."


Marty Player said...

I had a sense that something was missing for me in Looking, but I couldn't quite name it. I want to like the show and characters, but 'boring' often came to mind. Still that seemed an unfulfilling, incomplete description. Your review is insightful and (gasp) fair. There are those moments I feel like "yes! queenie HIV positive bear" then it goes flat. Anyway, thanks sharing. I'm going to keep watching to see what happens, and I will with your precise critique in mind. xoxo Marty

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you for this wonderful comment, Marty – sorry it took me a while to notice :)