Saturday, February 07, 2015


When someone asks WHAT’S YOUR REAL NAME, you might be in the wrong place. When four different people ask WHAT’S YOUR REAL NAME, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

Then there’s the queen who says are you a boy or a girl—just KIDDING!!! People at gay bars have really evolved.

This queen was dating someone who had my haircut, he was 25 and she thought he really liked her, but then he said she was too feminine. And short. I am short, she says.

She doesn’t like it when people say how old are you, what a ridiculous question. Then she says: How old are you?

She had sex with this guy who's a barback, but she didn’t like it when he said he usually likes to fuck several guys in a row. They were at a bathhouse.

Every gay bar is an accidental comedy routine. The best comedy routine is the one that takes itself seriously

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