Tuesday, May 05, 2015


It’s bad enough when the New York Times editorial, “The Quest for Transgender Equality”—WAIT, I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING MORE, I’M ALREADY VOMITING AT THAT TITLE. But when the New York Times starts its list of “heartening stories” of transgender inclusion with the tale of a CIA analyst transitioning on the job, and NOW I’M CHOKING ON MY VOMIT.

But, IT GETS BETTER because this brave CIA analyst receives an Ann Taylor gift certificate from her colleagues instead of a pink slip—NOW I’M READY TO SHIT IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE. (Of course, Ann Taylor offers the perfect outfit when you have blood on your hands.)

And then we hear about “thousands” of transgender troops who “serve in anguish because the military bans openly transgender people from joining the service”—LET THE ANGUISH GROW AND GET OUT BEFORE YOU KILL AGAIN.

(Of , course, this statistic about thousands of transgender troops is no doubt brought to us by the propaganda machine funded by our first openly transgender robber baroness billionaire, Jennifer Pritzker, go team!)

So “the military bans openly transgender people from joining the service”— GREAT, LET’S NOT END UP AS TOOLS OF IMPERIALISM LIKE THE GAYS.

But I’m most haunted by a sentence near the end of the editorial, where it says that a handful of senior Department of Defense officials “have become convinced that lifting the ban would unlock the service members’ unfulfilled potential.” Unfulfilled potential. Unfulfilled potential. They mean the potential to kill, right? Because that’s what the military does. GET EVERYONE OUT OF THE MILITARY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE—THAT’S THE ONLY REAL POTENTIAL.

There are good points in the New York Times editorial, but in the end it just becomes militaristic gibberish about how to “formally integrate transgender troops.” WILL TRANSGENDER TROOPS BE ABLE TO FIGHT ON THE BATTLEFIELD LIKE REAL MEN I MEAN WOMEN I MEAN MEN, tune in on Fox News I mean read about it in the New York Times or listen live on NPR, it’s all the same horrible coverage. WILL TRANS TROOPS BE RELEGATED TO GUARDING DRONE BASES IN NEVADA, WHERE NO ONE WILL EVER SEE THEIR TRUE COLORS, tune in at 11!

The right to kill is not a right. It’s not all right. I am so sick of the way militarism invades everything. I’m disgusted at how quickly a so-called transgender movement that mimics the worst mistakes of the gay movement has sprung up. THE WORST MISTAKES. And then we have so-called straight allies desperate to prove their open-mindedness by supporting the grossest counterproductive violent garbage disguised as “progress.” Any so-called social justice movement that points to military service as an achievement is not a social justice movement. Enough. Enough with this charade, this charade that keeps killing people. Over and over and over and over. Enough.


Hotblueglue said...

Thank you for this post, I'm still getting caught up on your blog. You totally nailed the icky vibe/bad taste I felt all over after reading this NYTimes piece (which is to be a series, no?). Thanks for putting into words what I could not.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you!!! (And, I'm not really caught up on my blog, either, ha!)